The first Freedom Across Borders conference was held in London on 6 July 2019. Read more.
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Freedom Across Borders conference, London, 6 July 2019

An opportunity to connect for UK and Syrian human rights activists.

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The Freedom Across Borders conference will be an opportunity for UK and Syria activists in the fields of refugees, human rights, and social inequality to come together, learn about each other’s work, and explore opportunities for solidarity.

We will be looking at how we can come together to protect all our freedoms — and at how Syrians in the UK can help the families, friends, and communities left behind in Syria and the region.

We aim to learn from each other, to widen our horizons, and to make connections for long term mutual support and action.

We are planning some lively discussions in several workshops, as well as Syrian art and music.

Topics we will be exploring include campaigning for refugees, fighting racism, human rights action, and issues related to mental wellbeing, trauma and people working with survivors.

We will be looking at strengthening Syria and UK activism networks, and how the Syrian diaspora can get justice for crimes in Syria.

We will aim to help connect activists across different movements in the UK, particularly through women’s solidarity, queer solidarity, and through activism on discrimination and racism.

And we hope all will come away with a strengthened understanding of the shared struggles for freedom in the UK and in Syria, and across all borders.